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SCLO Live - Finding tenders that are right for your business

Join MD Steve O’Hare for this live session which will help you zoom in on which tendering opportunities are the right ones for your business – and which ones aren’t.

Why waste time attempting to capture a tender opportunity that is completely the wrong opportunity for your business?

Steve will share tips and ideas that will help you recognise which are the right tenders for your business to bid for.

He will suggest areas for you to look for new tender bids and how to best learn from previous successes – and errors.


Steve will discuss which processes will help you make the right decision and explain where companies have gone wrong in the past.

"Tenders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and some are very time consuming. If you are bidding for tenders you are not winning, is this the right use of your time?" says Steve.

"Is this what you do on a daily basis or are you having to stretch what you do to try and fit the criteria of the bid?


"Narrow down the needs of each bid and work out whether they are right for your organisation at that specific time with the resources at your disposal.

"You must also think a lot about your ability to deliver a tender if you do win one. If you fail to deliver, you can guarantee you won't get another chance in the future."

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