Tender Process Design and Support

Business Meeting

Expert Guidance

The world is full of tender opportunities but bidding for the right ones is critical to any business. SCLO can help you design your processes and make sure that you make the right decisions.

We will build your systems to be compliant with your compliance and  internal sign-off activities, with system requirements such as ISO 9001:2008 built in.

Having good quality systems and processes in place will help you bid for something that you want to have and wish to deliver. We will help you explain to your business why you are bidding for it and to ensure it is not done in isolation.


Support on how to find, qualify and respond to opportunities

We will help you find, qualify and respond to opportunities and support you to enable you to identify the right opportunities and have the processes in place so that you can monitor and ensure you have access to the right portals and systems and tools.

Creation of tender processes, ensuring internal stakeholder buy-in and tender sign-off 

We can write your tender process so that you have all your key internal stakeholders bought in and involved in the tender process. And crucially, that they give their sign-off as suitable stages so that when you are successful, it comes as no surprise to anyone they have something to implement.

Delivery of process and writing training individually tailored to your business needs, enabling you to build on your skills to improve tendering success rates

We are able to deliver training on understanding processes and writing tenders. What are they key things we need to do? What are the elements of writing a tender? What things do you need to do to be successful? This training can build you and your staff’s skills and improve your tender-winning success rates.


Support in developing a library of answers to common tender questions

We can work with you prior to a round of tenders to build a library of answers. We can help you build answers to common questions to get you to understand what key things you need to do. Do you have a health and safety policy and how does that relate to a tender response? How do you ensure your quality within your business? How do we effectively describe your management structures to show that you have good governance across your business for the contracts you deliver.

Support in partnership/subcontractor engagement, development of evaluation and selection criteria

We will then support you in partnership and third-party management. If you can’t deliver something yourself and you need multiple organisations to do that. We will support you in developing an evaluation and selection criteria. You can identify who you want to work with and who you would like to have working with you. This will enable you to get the best out of both worlds and give you more chance of winning.

Brokerage of bidding partnerships and consortia

Through extensive knowledge of key sectors, we can help broker relationships and build consortium. Organisations that can work together and produce a stronger joint offer rather than two weaker competing offers.