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Tender process: review and support

Expert Guidance

Support through the final stages of the tender process to make sure your tender stands out.


SCLO offers a review and support service to guide you through the final stages of the tender process. We will ensure that all of the questions have been answered clearly and then polish your tender to make it stand out. What may have been missed? What are the key words that you could have missed? Having a fresh set of eyes to be able to see the wood from the trees can make the difference between winning and losing.


Comprehensive critiquing of material to ensure markers correctly navigate your content and it is easy to understand, leading to maximum marks


We can comprehensively critique your material and put on the hat of an evaluator or marker and make sure they can effectively navigate your content. We ensure that it is easy to understand and meets the customers’ requirements to help you achieve maximum marks. As part of that process, we can do a mock scoring and work out what things you may need to do more of. Especially if you have a part of your business that you want to highlight more.

Pre-submission completeness and compliance checks


Within every tender, we need to ensure there is completeness and compliance. As part of our service, we will do a pre-submission checklist to make sure that you have included all of the pieces that you require to be able to submit a good tender. Not having the right things in place or the right documents/policies for upload is a bit like writing a beautiful letter but not having the stamps to post it. We will make sure you have the stamps to do that.


Development of your own staff to become more effective at tender critique/detailed review of past tenders


We can help your staff become more effective at tender critiques. How do they review their own work, their colleagues’ work and how do they become a developer for their own team. If you have had tenders in the past that have not been successful, we can do a detailed review and help you improve your future submissions and help you make sure you either win – or you learn. There’s no such thing as winning and losing, it’s winning and learning.

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