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Tender management and writing

SCLO can manage the full response for an invitation to tender.
That means your business sends us the tender you need completing and we will design a plan and process for the systems required to complete it.
Essentially, we will take the pain of this process away from you and allow you to get on with running your business.

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Market analysis and entry strategies

SCLO has 14 years of experience of helping businesses grow and understanding what markets are out there and what markets are suitable for your business.
Who are the key stakeholders that you need to engage?
Who do you need to talk to and who do you need to understand?
Who are the non-paying customers that will influence whether you will win or lose?

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Tender process: design and support

The world is full of tender opportunities but bidding for the right ones is critical to any business.
SCLO can help you design your processes and make sure that you make the right decisions.
We will help you bid for something that you want to have and wish to deliver.
We will help you explain to your business why you are bidding for it and to ensure it is not done in isolation.

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Tender process: review and support

SCLO offers a review and support service to guide you through the final stages of the tender process.

We will ensure that all of the questions have been answered clearly and then polish your tender to make it stand out.

What may have been missed? What are the key words that you could have missed?

Having a fresh set of eyes to be able to see the wood from the trees can make the difference between winning and losing.