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Upskilling staff from leading industry associations

SCLO have been conducting sector-based tendering training for the two main trade bodies within the training and apprenticeship markets. We have done webinar sessions for both Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) and Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) and face-to-face sessions for ERSA too. 

These have been put on for around 1,000 of their members that our services have been able to reach. The webinars and face-to-face sessions have been well received with feedback telling us they have received a vast amount back from sessions. The participants have indicated an increase in knowledge from attending the sessions.

Quotes from sessions:

AELP webinar: "A good presentation with lots of salient points from a knowledgeable presenter and practitioner."

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SCLO became a crucial extra member of Seetec's writing team

SCLO are happy to manage an entire process or, if you are a bigger business and need an extra pair of hands to support your writing activity, we can help with that.

For the Prison Education Framework PQQ, which became a very large piece of work, Seetec had an unexpected gap within their staff structure and required some additional support. SCLO fitted into their team seamlessly and supported them through the PQQ writing process. Working closely with the team, SCLO became an extra member of Seetec’s workforce during that time.

"We engaged Steve to support us on a large and high priority bid and Steve made an excellent contribution and was great to have as a member of the team. I would recommend Steve to anyone looking for business development expertise"

Head of Business Development - Seetec

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