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The Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers is back!

The Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) is back!

I am not sure if I can hear more cheers or groans?

The last round of registrations only finished a matter of 18 months ago but the DFE are set to re-launch applications in the coming weeks.

We can only assume that they are keen to keep a tighter restriction on which companies are going to drive the next generation of apprenticeships to market.

Steve O'Hare talks about his RoATP presentations last time around

While the news might make some providers sigh and roll their eyes, the reality is that this is just as important as last time. It’s an updated process and it may be even more rigorous than before.

The last round of applications saw some companies fail to qualify and be removed from the register. It’s likely some more could fall by the wayside this time around.

I must say that I am not trying to create blind panic here. I’m just trying to encourage organisations that will be applying for their place to prepare well and to begin that preparation soon. At the time of writing, I am expecting invitations to start being sent out in April with the first round due in May.

I expect the process to be similar to last time and I doubt the ESFA are trying to re-invent the wheel.

Invitation to apply

As last time, I would recommend a similar approach from those trying to make successful applications.

As I always say, get your ducks in a line. Look back and see what you did last time. Are there any areas you can improve on and if so, how are you going to go about that? Make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Remember to get organised as soon as you can for when that invitation to apply drops into your in-box. Remind yourself the rules of the game. To look ahead, you need to look back first so how can you make your 2021 application more robust?

SCLO are on hand to help you and your application, as we were two years ago and our methods to help you put your bid together are tried and trusted. We have different packages of support available so just get in touch if you need our advice and experience.

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