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BLOG: Why there has been a significant amount of failed applications for entry onto the new RoATP

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Results for entry onto the new RoATP are coming through and showing a significant amount of failed applications.

While the July update showed 43 additional providers added by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), including 25 main providers, 19 have been removed from the register.

Steve O'Hare delivers a presentation to a room of delegates

Those organisations who are preparing their applications must be wary of several aspects that are either being overlooked or not adhered to.

Firstly, it is crucial that providers keep their contact details up to date on Bravo. All ESFA invites will go through this route and if providers miss their specific application window, they will be failed.

It is always important to keep up to date with Bravo because the ESFA will ask for further evidence if areas of the application are not fully submitted and providers will be informed of that through Bravo.

There are then just five days to respond to any requests and, if missed, this will lead to a fail from the ESFA.

As I have mentioned many times before over the past 12 months, there is much closer scrutiny this time around for RoATP applications so make sure you don’t cut and paste any sections from Word without double checking how it reads on your application. If any words or sentences are missing or cut off at the end, it really will be noted and counted against you.

Please make sure your complaints policy is accessible on your website and ensure that you reference the UKPRN in all attachment titles you upload.

I have some new sessions coming up in association with AELP, starting in Sheffield on October 3, in which I will be helping attendees get up to date and help put them in the best position to submit their application to RoATP and avoid mistakes made by other organisations.

Some of the key elements of these sessions are:

  • What lessons have been learnt from successful applications

  • Details of the key ESFA feedback on the process

  • What were the common challenges experienced by successful/unsuccessful providers

  • Any updated guidance from the ESFA

Find out more about these sessions and book your place by visiting:

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