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BLOG: RoATP - Did You Know? Policies and Processes

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

A person writes policies in a book

In the first of a series of blogs informing and educating interested parties about the processes involved in applying for a place on the new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, SCLO’s Steve O’Hare lists the 11 processes and policies that a crucial part of any upcoming application.

One thing for certain about the new RoATP, is that the application is very process heavy.

It is another way of the ERFA demonstrating that they have learnt from past problems and ensuring providers put in as much groundwork as possible to make sure they are right for the Register.

So here are the 11 processes and policies that need to be dealt with (see below).

Good training providers will, of course, already have these in place, but not necessarily in a stand-alone document.

In terms of preparing for any application, companies need to make sure they have all of these prepared well in advance.

1. Quality Evaluation Process

2. Employer Engagement Practice

3. Complaints Policy and Procedure

4. Initial assessment of Prior Learning

5. English and Maths Delivery Process

6. Continuity Plan of Apprenticeship Training

7. Policy for the Professional Development of your Employees

8. Equality and Diversity Policy

9. Safeguarding Policy

10. Prevent Duty

11. Health and Safety Policy

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