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BLOG: Are you looking to up-skill your tendering functions?

Steve O'Hare explains why it's always a good idea to have a different pair of eyes giving your work a different perspective

Do you work for an organisation that is looking to up-skill its tendering function?

Tender training and development can help put your business on the front foot in its quest to land more contracts.

Not only can training sessions improve the knowledge and performance of any existing team or individuals, it can make them better at knowing which moves to make when they tackle any future bidding opportunities.

With hand on heart, I can honestly say that every business, my own included, could do with a fresh perspective and a different pair of eyes looking over its processes at times.

Keep yourself updated

Finding that time to look back and review is crucial to make – and keep – a business successful when tendering. Asking ourselves how and why we are doing things and what we can do better is always a good exercise.

Whether your business has a big team that completes tenders all of the time, or you are part of the senior leadership team within a small organisation and you may only do one tender every six months, you still need to keep yourself updated and on top of best practice.

'Finding that time to look back and review is crucial'

The size and scale of tenders has huge variations. Some tenders offer multi-millions pound contracts up, while others may be worth just a few thousand pounds.

But the up-skilling and improvement gained by regular training and development works across any size of company or bid.


Please contact me if your business would like help with up-skilling its tender bidding resources.

Steve has previously worked for - and delivered training - in association with the likes of AELP, ERSA, NCFE, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and Learning Curve.

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