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NEWS: How can Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) work for you?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) are not a new fad – but they are very much in fashion.

DPS seem to be used everywhere at the moment and are being utilised by a wide range of organisations to take tenders to market.

Why are DPS so popular? Because they speed up the whole tendering process and that suits everyone involved.

A DPS is a procurement tool used predominantly by public sector organisations to procure goods, services, or work from pre-qualified suppliers.


They work on a continuous procurement basis, allowing new suppliers to join at any time to have a chance of winning future work.

They start when an organisation advertises a DPS and invites suppliers to apply. Those suppliers are then evaluated and added to the DPS if they meet the appropriate criteria.

When a requirement arises, the organisation can either directly award contracts based on the DPS or invite all suppliers in the relevant category of the DPS to bid for any work, through a traditional tender process (called a mini-competition).

Quite clearly, the benefits from the buyer’s perspective is that a DPS allows them to react to a need within their organisation quicker, without the need to go through a large procurement process.

Contracting process

This can drastically speed up their contracting process and give them quicker solutions.

In recent months, the Department for Education have used a DPS process for their Bootcamp contracts and a significant number of Local Authorities use them to procure their Apprenticeship provision.

A DPS provides a flexible and streamlined procurement process that can save time and resources for both organisations and suppliers, and they are here to stay… at least for the time being!

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