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SCLO Live - Steve explains the new ESFA guidance on the RoATP process

The ESFA have just released new guidance around the latest Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) process.

So if you are a business or organisation that is re-applying for a place on the RoATP, join SCLO MD Steve O'Hare for the latest news on this 18-minute video.

The last round of RoATP registrations only finished 18 months ago but the Department for Education (DFE) are launching applications again and Steve is here to help you and offer some valuable tips to tackle the application in the best way.

The process has evolved since last time so don't get left behind when your company is invited to make its bid.

Steve, who helped countless organisations prepare and deliver their bid last time around said: "The ESFA said they would look to make things more robust this time and, although, this is an initial guidance document, it will evolve and will continue doing so.

"There are new things involved including the likelihood of a new Government portal to apply through. You only get one shot this time. There is no chance to re-apply so it stresses the importance of getting it right."

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