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SCLO Live - Join Steve for ideas to prepare for the new RoATP application process

If you are a business looking to maintain your position on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP), watch this 23-minute video to further your cause.

Join the MD of SCLO Consulting Steve O’Hare for series of hints and ideas to help make that process as easy as possible in this live broadcast.

The last round of RoATP registrations only finished 18 months ago but the Department for Education (DFE) are launching applications again.

Steve has worked as a consultant with many companies and organisations to help their applications in a bid to secure a place on the RoATP. He knows exactly how the system works.

RoATP Applications

Despite there being just 18 months since the last round of applications, this is just as important as the previous time. It’s an updated process and it may be even more rigorous than before.

In that last round of applications, some companies failed to qualify and were removed from the register. It’s likely some more could fall by the wayside this time too.

Steve will be encouraging organisations that will be applying for their place to prepare well and to begin that preparation soon.

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