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Diversification into law firms, home improvements and universities

SCLO are well known for our work within employment and skills, but we have always been open to working in other sectors.

Fundamentally, a bid is a bid is a bid.

If you have the right people to help pull together the gaps in your knowledge, all you need to do is to work collaboratively to produce a really compelling proposal.

Working together in a partnership, SCLO bring the tendering skills and knowledge and the ability to ask the right questions to draw out the right information for a quality tender.

Since our inception six years ago, we have worked in areas such as: road maintenance, health and social care provision, print distribution, hospitality and catering.


Our diversification has continued over the last 12 months too.

Recently, SCLO has been involved with a large London-based law firm who do the whole gambit of criminal, financial, public law and more.

They wanted to tender to provide law services to a governmental agency and they needed help to make sure they answered the questions in the right way.

It was not a sector I was used to, but you have to be inquisitive and ask questions and that helped me develop sector-based knowledge that I didn’t previously have. The tender team was a triumvirate between SCLO, the business’s business development section and one of the partners in the firm and it was fascinating to be a part of.

Similarly, we have worked with a client to quote for material handling equipment training, for a very large international home improvement group. Material handling equipment in layman’s terms is fork-lift and pallet trucks! 

It was a very big piece of work and a key element was understanding how the processes would work and understanding the regulatory necessities behind it.

Another new sector we delved into was working with a university to help them apply for grants for specific research projects. In this instance, it was for a Scottish-based funding pot to look at research into the impact of working with challenging patients on nurses.

Being able to support organisations across a range of different sectors like this has not only been enjoyable and a big learning curve, but has given SCLO the knowledge and confidence to take on much more work in new areas as we head into the second half of 2024.

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