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BLOG: Fascinating month of webinars and presentations around the country

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

It has been really enjoyable to spend a very busy last few weeks getting out and around the country to present and discuss ideas about some important issues affecting the sector.

I have met some great people from different businesses, examined some fascinating changes to policies and received some fantastic feedback along the way, which is always nice to hear.

Steve O'Hare presenting

It started with a DWP DPS session in association with ERSA in Birmingham (see above) where I presented on subjects like: using the DPS system tendering systems effectively, developing a high quality service offer, interpreting questions and the benefits of effective planning.

The next day, I hosted a webinar for AELP members discussing tendering for devolved AEB funding, it was daunting to have more 90 people on the webinar.

A week later, I took part in The Big Assembly facilitated by Workpays which was great to be a part of.

It was a live video stream to an estimated 50,000 students across the UK to give them information on how engineering impacts on issues they care about such as: saving the environment, staying safe and health and entertainment, with one of the panelist being part of the team that does the special effects for Top Gear!

Learning lots

It was a really big event and I enjoyed answering some good questions via the live chat stream and learning lots of new information too.

Then it was back to Birmingham to present to a cracking group of people at The Jury’s Inn in association with AELP. My ‘Tendering for Devolved AEB Funding’ session explained how to meet the combined authorities’ needs and compete for AEB funding.

And to end a very busy three-week spell, I was in London at the Holiday Inn in Regents Park for a second running of the ‘Tendering for Devolved AEB Funding’ again in association with AELP.

The feedback across the two sessions was fantastic with 90% of participants rating my input as ‘excellent’ – so thanks to all for the massive vote of confidence.

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