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Ten reasons why you should learn about the new RoATP sooner rather than later!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

SCLO's Steve O'Hare delivers a RoATP workshop in Sheffield

The launch of the new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) was launched in December 2018.

You have to be on this register to deliver apprenticeships in England.

New providers can apply and organisations that were previously on board can re-apply to join.

The new RoATP has been launched with an aim to streamline to process and end any bad press associated with the previous set-up.

So if your company wants the 'keys to the kingdom', there is no time to waste in getting yourself ready for your application.

It is not an easy process...

1. The application process is more rigorous than before and is likely to take longer than you expect. Don’t get caught out or leave it too late.

2. There are lots more policies and processes involved this time around, such as 'Prevent Duty' and the 'English and maths delivery process'.

3. Get it wrong two times and you will be excluded from applying for a year. Learn exactly what is needed because it could result in a huge dent to your business if you get it wrong.

4. The ESFA’s marking review process can take up to 12 weeks. Get your application in as early as you can.

5. If you fail the process, you could be without starts for up to four months as your re-worked application is processed.

6. The previous register led to a third of the companies on the register not doing any apprenticeships. Officials are determined this will not happen again and will be scrutinising those who are successful to ensure delivery is completed.

7. Getting on the register gives your company the keys to the kingdom and all of the benefits that could follow.

8. Hopefully, the new RoATP will minimise ‘shell companies’ being on the register – and that’s a good thing.

9. The new process is more aligned to OFSTED principles such as effective initial assessments and good quality employer engagement.

10. The new RoATP should lead to better long-term sustainability and minimise any of the bad press that had soiled the process in recent months.

If you need help in putting your application together, contact SCLO and we can use our experience and knowledge of the system to help your company succeed.

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