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The Skills Office Network provides ideal platform for SCLO link

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I have just linked up with a company who are doing great things in the skills and employment sector supporting providers in the delivery of their contracts.

The Skills Office Network provides products and services to the education sector and works closely with providers to find solutions for their businesses.

We have teamed up to help businesses and organisations who have secured their place on the RoATP. The Skills Office Network have made a great learning video which asks viewers: ‘Are you ready for the next steps to keep your RoATP status’?

It asks if current or hopeful providers have the following:

* Robust processes, MIS systems and capable staff to accurately upload IRL data every month.

* Apprenticeship delivery models which incorporate assessment of prior learning and track ‘off the job hours’.

* Compliance and audit process checks, which are aligned to ESFA audit requirements.

* A SAR and QIP aligned to EIF, which incorporates apprenticeship provision.

* Confidence and capability to demonstrate compliance and showcase excellence during an ESFA audit or Ofsted monitoring visit.

If you or your organisation are in a position where you cannot answer ‘yes’ to those five questions with confidence, The Skills Office Network are offering an hour of free consultancy, to take you towards five ‘yesses’

To compliment what I can offer in terms of planning and advice, The Skills Office Network provide quality assurance support, fully integrated E-Portfolio and MIS systems and access to a network of trusted providers.

As well as my link up with the Skills Office Network, I will be hosting some more live RoATP sessions in the autumn and winter.

To find out more about those sessions, head to

To see what The Skills Network have to offer, visit:

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