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VIDEO: SCLO's Christmas address - what UK tendering can expect in 2020

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The last year of SCLO has been simply fantastic and I am very grateful to all of you who have played some part in that.

I moved from being a sole trader to a limited company because of the success SCLO had enjoyed in its early days and, the end of October 2019 represented my first full year as a limited company.

Ultimately, I set my business up to help others win and there is still no better feeling than securing contracts because I just love winning.

SCLO’s success over the past 12 months has included winning contracts focused on T Levels, AEB, ESF as well as helping organisations get onto the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) which was a really robust system.

In addition, helping organisations secure charitable grants has given me great pleasure as has working on a diverse range of projects in new sectors for me.

The highlight of the year was probably winning five from five while working closely with the NCFE to secure the T Level contracts on offer. You cannot get any better than that.

However I don’t want to rest on my laurels and, although we won, there are a few lessons learnt on the way to that result that will hopefully make sure that level of success continues in the future.

Looking ahead, what does 2020 look like?


Hopefully, very much the same. Education will remain a core element of the business because that is my background and where I am most known.

But SCLO’s diversification will continue and hopefully I will have the opportunity to work with fantastic organisations like the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce.

It’s great to be tested in different ways and I have really enjoyed being pushed to work on things that were new to me. Even if it was a small step sideways to support organisations in their bid to become awarding bodies or doing something completely out of the box like working with organisations charged with filling potholes!

It’s been great to do the amount of presentations and webinars that I have done and they have been fantastic experiences. I was not a teacher before I started doing these so getting up and talking in front of dozens of people was a culture shock at first.

Over time, I have found it to be great fun and the feedback on my approach has been fantastic, with negative comments restricted to the ‘poor selection of biscuits’ at one venue!

Roll on the New Year!

WATCH MORE - SCLO's Christmas address from 2018...

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