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Official RoATP video released by the ESFA

I have been trying to keep businesses and organisations up to date regarding the new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers application refresh since its rollout was announced.

I have recorded a couple of live videos to help those who will be preparing for what could be their second application in just over 18 months and have listed those links below.

So it was good to see the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) release their own video on the RoATP refresh and I thought it would be worthwhile putting the video on the SCLO website for further evidence.

Note that this video, which runs just over 18 minutes, is for the refresh activity and not for new providers applying to the register.

The video explains a) The changes that have been made and b) The process of how to complete your refresh application.

I have helped numerous organisations put their Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers bids together over the past few years so if your organisation needs some support, please get in touch.

If you subscribe to the SCLO YouTube channel and follow us social media, I'll keep you updated whenever new information is released.

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