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🎄 It's the annual SCLO Christmas address! 🎁

SCLO MD Steve O'Hare looks back on a 2020 that everyone will remember and has a positive message for what might be coming in 2021.

"So 2020 has been a very interesting year to say the least! Everyone has been affected in different ways by the Covid-19 pandemic and it has not been easy for anyone," says Steve.

"But there are a lot of positives to take from it too. We have a vaccine and that is good looking forward.

"We have also had a lot of changes in the way we work and we have had to be flexible and adapt the way we work and engage with customers, clients and each other. I have been on what seems like thousands of Zoom calls but hat has enabled us to stay in contact and keep doing the things we need to do.

"In terms of SCLO, 2020 has not been too much different from any other year. The world of tendering is predominately online and it's still been very busy.

"There are lots of opportunities out there for organisations to not only win new contracts but to thrive and grow. There are challenges - but there is an awful lot of Government investment coming in in 2021.


"There will be a significant amount of money being pumped into the economy to get it back up and running. This will come in the form of grants, back to work schemes, re-training programmes and a raft of other activities.

"So with lots of tenders to go for, my message for 2021 is 'if you are going to make a bid for contracts, make sure it right for you and that you are not just chasing a number on a page.

"Look at the the opportunity and evaluate 'can we do this well'?

"Can you spend the time to do this well? What are your businesses priorities?

"So have a great New Year and if you can, please make sure you take some time off over the festive period to spend time with family and friends."

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