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BLOG: Effective tendering tips on the agenda at my second presentation for the East Midlands Chamber

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

It was great to be invited by the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce (EMCC) to present on tendering best practice at the iHub in Infinity Park, Derby.

There were over 20 organisations, from a diverse range of sectors in attendance, all of which wanted to learn more about how to tender effectively.

Steve O'Hare addresses the iHub at Infinity Park

It was the second time I had been involved in an event like this with the EMCC in 2019 with the purpose of helping their members improve their knowledge and understanding of how to bid and tender for work.

Done in partnership with the Chamber as the lead, they involved local authorities, universities and public sector organisations. All of them have huge procurement budgets each year and buy in a raft and range of different services.


The seminar worked really well, with the Chamber giving a good introduction as to how the market is looking. Each of the organsiations then went through what the key things are they are looking to buy and how they intend to do it over the coming year.

I then finished the session off by giving important hints and tips of how to go about winning the contracts.

It was pleasing to note that without prompting, the ‘buyer’ presenters and I fundamentally gave the same advice, which shows there is a ‘right way’ forward for all parties.

I always want people to win contracts and this work with the EMCC is another example of SCLO’s diversification into different sectors.

Workshop feedback

The workshop feedback on various presentations I have done this year has been phenomenal and hugely rewarding because I have not done a huge amount of stand-up teaching in my career, until now that is!

It has been a big learning experience and enjoyable to take me away from the ‘day job’. It was nerve-wracking at first but, like a best man’s speech, it has got easier.

I never mind standing up and talking but what is important to me is making sure people get something positive out of the session.

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