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NEWS: Discussing market opportunities for providers in the recovery period

The dust has settled after the national lockdown and now the UK business market is taking stock of ways to move forward.

Plans and developments are taking place across the country in various sectors and I am delighted to be speaking at one such event on Thursday 17 September.

In association with the Sussex Council of Training Providers (SCTP), I will be explaining 'Recovery Market Opportunities'.

This session will explore the potential opportunities available to the market, including traineeships, and provide hints and tips on what to look at in order to tender for new contracts.

I am really looking forward to speaking to members of the Sussex-based organisation on Zoom and there is plenty to talk about.

As I have said in various blogs and videos over the past six months, the country needs to recover from the shutdown and the economy needs to bounce back as soon as possible and as strongly as possible.

The Government and leading organisations know this and will be trying to pump money and opportunities into numerous sectors over the months ahead to help stimulate that recovery.

That means there will be plenty of chances to tender for money and contracts and I will be helping people plan and decide what opportunities may be right for them and, how to go about bidding for any opportunities that provide the right fit.

The event begins at 1.00pm and I am very much looking forward to sharing the ‘floor’ with Tony Wilson, Institute Director, Institute for Employment Studies.

SCTP members will have an opportunity to ask follow-up questions to gain additional insight into the topics covered.

SCTP members can register their place here:

I look forward to ‘virtually’ meeting you.

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