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Great to deliver skills and employability tips to a hard-working organisation

Steve O'Hare meets a hard-working organisation determine to provide for its members

It is always lovely to deal with new people and organisations who are doing great things for their members and the Sussex Council of Training Providers (known as SCTP) are one such group.

The SCTP are a hard-working community of training providers delivering publicly funded work-based learning and pre-employment programmes in their area of the country.

They welcome associate members who provide relevant commercial services and partner members who provide strategic insight or non-commercial services and consultant members who provide strategic consultancy services to the FE and skills sector.

I had the pleasure of addressing their members recently and it was a good opportunity for SCLO to guide those members through the current opportunities available within the skills and employability market.

Due to the current restrictions, this was done via Zoom.


It was a great session which was well-received with some good questions and feedback.

Both of us hope to do some more work together in the future.

SCTP initially got in contact with me because of the work I had been doing on the RoATP earlier on this year and this was actually my second time addressing their members having been down to Gatwick Airport last April to share information on the RoATP.

SCTP are a wonderful group of people and the organisation is run for members by members. The SCTP Board is made up of members who are elected from and by the membership, who are supported by an impartial executive team. 

I wish them all the best.

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