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NEWS: Over 70% of delegates voted presentations as 'excellent'

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Steve O'Hare has spent the first half of 2019 travelling up and down the country delivering presentations in association with one of the sector's leading organisations, AELP.

And a mark of the success of those presentations is that 70% of delegates have described them as being 'excellent' in feedback forms.

His presentations have been a masterclass on the emerging story that has been the new ROATP. As an expert on the ins and outs of the new RoATP, Steve has kept delegates and representatives informed and, crucially, up to date on the best ways in which companies and organisations should approach their application to be on the register.

He has delivered the presentations from Leeds to London and from Birmingham to Manchester.

Not a fan of the 'chalk and talk' approach, Steve has made each session engaging, entertaining and informative. And his masterclasses have received some wonderful feedback from delegates not only as to the information provided but to the way in which clearly explained a subject that can be a minefield of box-ticking hyperbole at times!

Over 70% of attendees gave him a 'excellent' mark on the AELP feedback forms, with another 25% rating them as 'good'.

And the comments that accompanied the statistics spoke for themselves.

"Very informative, Steve knows his stuff!" (Jo Stott, Ashorne Hill)

"Excellent overview provided by Steve on the RoATP refresh process which has enabled me to devise a clear plan of action to begin our submission. Have a very good awareness of the information needed to support our submission, in what format and how to respond to questions. Input, input, input! Feel much more confident to start writing! Thanks Steve! (Sam Broomhall, Juniper Training)

"Delivery was excellent, with a good blend of up front talking + active participation. Handouts also useful." (Belinda Lowe, NWSLC)

"Very informative workshop, found many key facts to bring home. Steve was excellent facilitator." (Mark Grainger, Saks Education)

"They have all been fantastic sessions with over 150 organisations in attendance," said Steve.

"The sessions are interactive and involves delegates working in group to ensure best practice is discussed and shared.

"Judging by the results on the feedback forms, providers seem to have recommended the approach and that's very pleasing to hear."

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