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BLOG: The AEB is first up for autumn webinars

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

In the early autumn, I am beginning a series of webinars, delivered in association with AELP, which will cover a wide variety of important subjects.

First up in September is the Adult Education Budget (AEB).

Steve O'Hare sits at his desk in front of a camera.

We are getting to that time again where the Devolved Adult Education budget will start to be procured and that process will start again for another two areas.

The Sheffield City Region and North Tyneside are going to be interesting and organisations that operate in those areas will want to maximise the opportunities that they bring.

The Greater Manchester, Greater London, Liverpool City Region and West Midlands Combined Authority activity has gone and that has changed the shape of provision.


This is all part of Governmental direction of devolution to Mayoral Authorities and that will continue.

With the non-devolved AEB, the SFA have got to make a decision whether they extend a contract and/or put it out to re-procurement.

If there is a re-procurement process, national organisations are really going to have to be on top of their game to secure the contracts that they have to deliver and maintain some of the fantastic work they are doing at the moment.

There are two very specific webinars examining that sector.

After that, as we head into autumn, I will be presenting three more webinars with more general subject matter.


One of those will be about responding to apprenticeship tenders. The market for apprenticeship provision is still there. There are huge amounts of tendering opportunities about and recently, we have seen Crown Commercial Services put out a whole tender for a governmental departments.

Off the back of that, we will look at a webinar around tendering for government contracts.

Whereas I will talking specifically about apprenticeships in September, in October, it will be a broader piece around government contracts. In December, we go towards getting businesses ‘tender ready’.

For some AELP organisations, tendering is going to be a new thing for them. They may not have done a lot of that before and will want to get it right going forward.

Being ready for that is hugely important.

Webinar dates:

September 4: Devolved AEB Sheffield City and North Tyneside

September 11: National AEB

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