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VIDEO: Learn more about the rigorous RoATP process to avoid any pitfalls

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The new RoATP (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers) was launched on December 12, 2018 and the process to get on it is more rigorous than ever before.

I have reviewed the documents and processes involved and am going to hold a series of workshops in association with AELP to fully explain the new register.

These will aim to help you and your company make the right decisions during that process and help you avoid any costly mistakes.

To give you a flavour of how challenging the new process is, each company trying to get on the RoATP will need to have 15 Ofsted-alligned policies and narratives around those.

Getting on the register is going to be critical to the success of a number of organisations. This doesn't just affect new applicants either because, over the next 12 months, everyone who is currently on the register is going to have to re-apply.

With the way that the ESFA are marking it, which could take 12 weeks, if you are not successful, you could be without starts for 14 weeks.

I have already run a workshop on the RoATP which was very well received by attendees and I am now running some programmes in association with AELP on January 10 (Sheffield) and 15 (London) to further explain all about the new processes involved.

So please go to book yourself in.

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