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VIDEO: Devolution of the AEB brings greater challenges...and opportunities

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

With the devolution of the adult education budget comes greater challenges but also greater opportunities.

Changes within the funding environment for the adult education budget, means the combined authorities will have commissioning processes and will commission the services they want to buy.

The first round of this will start in late 2018/early 2019 with the combined authorities going to market to start warming that market in the autumn. It will be important for providers to understand what they offer and where those opportunities may arise.

Bidding for work

They need to think about how they are going to start getting through that process of bidding for work. There will be a formalised process they need to go through. It won’t be a grant-based piece and there will be competition of some sort.

Providers need to start planning how they are going to complete those tendering activities and how they are going to make sure they have the right people in place to be able to do that.

Having the right systems and background information in place will be important to ensure that they put their best foot forward and continue to deliver the high-quality services they do in those devolved areas.

* Join me for my latest workshop in partnership with AELP focusing on the Devolution of the Adult Education Budget.

It is aimed at Independent Training Providers and is being held at the Jury's Inn in Birmingham on Thursday 15 November.

Until the Adult Education Budget (AEB) tender of 2017, there had been very few competitions for this funding – until now!

Learn how to meet the combined authorities’ needs and put your best foot forward in competing for AEB funding.

Objectives include:

i) To have a clear understanding of the steps required for a successful devolved Adult Education Budget submission.

ii) To understand how to use past track-record, processes, systems and performance data to support the submission.

iii) To be clear on the process and questions, how to answer the questions and avoid the pitfalls.

iv) To be able to effectively plan the submission and understand what comes next.

Book your place by clicking here and find out more information.

** I have just added an additional date for a second workshop on AEB funding for Tuesday 20 November in London. Details to follow.

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