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Tender-bidding is anything but a case of 'cut and paste and hope for the best'

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Helping businesses bid for tenders is anything but a case of 'cut and paste and hope for the best'.

One major thing I have learned during 14 years of experience of interpreting tender questions is to make sure the answers provided actually answer the question.

Don't get distracted or go off on a tangent. Always stay focused and keep asking yourself: 'Is this what they want'?

Within that answer, It is so important in such a competitive industry, to show the quality in what you are doing and to get your key points across to meet the needs of the customers marking the tender.

Every company has a unique selling point and it is our job at SCLO to work with you to illustrate what your key values are and, crucially, what enables you to make a difference.

Past experience has taught us that if we can align those values to the customers' requirements, they can produce a high-scoring bid.

And that benefits all sides.

It is important to stay on top of things as you go along as well and that is where a detailed plan and storyboarded model is important.

We need to get the best out of your knowledge, understanding, subject matter and expertise to drive a high-quality model that brings us the results we are after.

Answering the question posed gives a much better chance of success when bidding for a tender.

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