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What remains busy in the build-up to a General Election?

We are currently in the pre-General Election period where a lot of government activity tends to slow down, for obvious reasons.


There are, however, key activities that remain active and are not affected by this period.


Apprenticeship programmes are one such area as they aren’t related to any decisions around electoral outcomes and therefore, can continue as usual.


The way an apprenticeship essentially works is that an organisation is simply spending money that they have already accrued on training within their workforce.

Supporting businesses


SCLO has a fantastic track record of supporting businesses that tender for apprenticeship work and not just with main bids. We support organisations, with securing places on various frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems that need to be done prior to being invited to main competitions.


Skills Bootcamps is another activity that is not overly affected in the run up to a General Election. 

SCLO MD Steve O'Hare can support your bid.


Anything that involves central government will likely slow down prior to the election but anything that involves local government, like Skills Bootcamps, may have had a slow down before the recent local elections - but they are no longer affected now that voting focus has moved onto a national picture.


If you are interested in the world of apprenticeships or Skills Bootcamps, then please get in touch with SCLO and we can help you out.


We have worked with a wide range of organisations on this sort of provision.

Securing contracts


With skills bootcamps for example, SCLO supported a business to secure seven contracts in the last seven months!


Similarly, on apprenticeships, SCLO have helped organisations secure contracts within a range of disciplines like management and team leading, through to digital apprenticeships and accountancy. 


SCLO don’t just operate in one sector, we can work across a range of sectors and have the ability to understand different delivery models, different approaches and skill sets that organisations need to teach in the apprenticeship/Skills Bootcamp arena.


SCLO can help organisations realise why they are different and highlight their unique selling points to tender for work in the areas they support.

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