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BLOG: RoATP - When will your invitation to apply arrive? How long will you have to wait?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

A person writes down notes for an RoATP application

In the second of a series of blogs informing and educating interested parties about the processes involved in applying for a place on the new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, SCLO’s Steve O’Hare has a warning for companies who are existing providers looking to re-apply this time around.

We have already picked up some key information about the re-application process for the RoATP and I wanted to share an update with you.

The RoATP is a license to practice and deliver apprenticeship programmes. If you are not on the register, you can’t deliver apprenticeships. Simple.

And even if you were on the register last time around, you have to take part in the re-application process which is more stringent and thorough than before.

If you are one of those companies, you will be officially invited to re-apply.

Processes in order

You will be given a 10-week notice period to get your processes in order.

And that invite could come at any time. I know of one company who received theirs on Christmas Eve!

Important information for all companies looking to get back on the register, is that they operate on the ‘Bravo Message System’ effectively and I urge everyone on

that to make sure that their system is up to date.

That is how each provider will be invited to apply so it is crucial that system is set up to receive the invite.

With so much to get ready and in place for a formal application and just 10 weeks to do it in, that invite is not one you want to miss.

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